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Minority MBA, Fall 2001 Article (Pp. 43-45) - The Human Side of Business (John Holliday)

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Professional Services
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Enterprise Consulting Management:

Assessment ExcellenceSM offering that provides enterprise-wide Assessment services. AHG assesses utilization, financial process/performance, production performance, infrastructure performance, recoverability, and security environments. Customers use this service to capture the "current environment" along with our consultants recommendations to make critical decision.

Content Management:

Content Management gets everyone in the supply chain working together for the best possible product. American Heritage Group integrates the flow of product information throughout the supply chain (DAMA)(Design Anywhere, Manufacture Anywhere). American Heritage Group services include Information Standardization Techniques, Data Scrubbing, Web cataloging, Information Conversion, Data Migration, Web Page coding/maintenance, and more.

Web Portal:

American Heritage has the tools and personnel to ease the process of building applications in portals. Our portal technology is aimed at streamlining the creation of customized functions. We have integrated XML, EDI standards, and easy integration into your existing database, application, email, and network infrastructure. Extend your enterprise, and at the same time positively impact the interaction between you, your suppliers, customers, and the bottom line.

Data Storage Systems Management:

American Heritage Group inked an agreement with a major data storage software and services company that will combine the strongest competencies of each in a push for Storage Managed Service customers.

As part of the agreement, American Heritage Group will bundle Large Scale Global Data and Storage Management Software Services with American Heritage Group's IT infrastructure project management, and consultation services. American Heritage Group is now able to offer its customers worldwide Storage Management Services and Software, thus serving the global business market.

Technical Services:

From technical architecture design to implementation services, we cover all aspects of systems support. A sampling of our services include System Administration, Disaster Recovery, Performance Troubleshooting and Storage Administration. In addition, AHG offers additional technical services through our partners such as installation and performance tuning. Our focus is on high-end systems (particularly, HP, Sun platforms, NT), Storage Solutions such as; Veritas, Brocade, EMC, Network Appliances, Compaq storage, Hitachi, and StorageTek.

Professional Development:

Project Management Professional (PMI) TrainingSM offering that provides project preparation training services to managers and project managers, and those who desire to take the PMP certification test.