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Minority MBA, Fall 2001 Article (Pp. 43-45) - The Human Side of Business (John Holliday)

AHG Home: Print Technology

    Do you know if you are getting the best print price?

    Let American Heritage Group help you ...

Professional Services

... determine what the best production process is to manufacture your printed products. The process used not only determines the quality of the piece but has a major effect on the cost. Most printers market one printing process and might be able to supply the desired product but many times at prices that are significantly more than needed. American Heritage Group utilizes all printing processes and works to match the product and process to achieve the best quality and price.
    American Heritage’s print members are seasoned professionals many with over 20 years of experience. This vast experience and longevity
have allowed us to establish alliances with a wide
variety of partners covering all disciplines of printing. This combination of experience and
production capability options not only ensures you
the best quality at competitive prices but also the
quick turn around times that today’s business demands.
    Our alliance partners are from across the
country giving us a nationwide footprint. Using
these partners we service customers across the
United States from New Jersey to California and
Michigan to Texas. These facilities not only allow
us to offer superior products at competitive prices
but in many cases can save thousands of dollars on freight.
    To see if we can help your organization
please call us at (248) 890-1615 or email us at

American Heritage Group is a
member of the MMBDC
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