About our Strategic Partners

Information Builders Inc. (Teaming Partner)
  Information Builders was founded on a very simple premise, help business people get to the information in their enterprise systems easily and quickly.

    IBI succeeded. Today, IBI's customers can efficiently put information in the hands of everyone whom relies on them to support, supply and transact business with them.

    Thousands of customers and partners all over the world, including most of the Fortune 100, all major government agencies, and many educational institutions, use Information Builders software and services to turn data into business intelligence that provides their customers with decision support systems.

Storability (Data Storage Software Partner)
    Storability provides businesses with a cost-effective, management of vital corporate data. Storability’s Storage Assurance technology revolutionized the storage industry by delivering what no other solution could: cost-effective, enterprise-wide storage solutions that allow customers to maintain complete control over their critical business data. By combining innovative technology, managed services, and unmatched expertise, Storability enables companies to successfully tackle their most difficult storage challenges.

    Today, Storability continues to lead the way, developing powerful technologies that give enterprises and service providers tremendous flexibility in creating and managing scalable, multi-vendor storage solutions, tailored to their unique business environments.

    Storability's innovative, cost-effective approach to storage management has earned praise from industry thought leaders, analysts, and customers alike.